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At SNG, we're passionate about our dynamic city. We love nothing more than offering our relocation services to professionals looking to relocate to New York. The city has a neighborhood for every taste. The astounding range of residential possibilities, as well as cultural and commercial treasures within the city, make New York an incredibly vibrant metropolis. For those reasons, choosing the right neighborhood is key to experiencing all that the city has to offer. Below you will find brief descriptions of a number of sought-after Manhattan neighborhoods, which should serve as a guide for you in determining the best place to set your roots in New York.

Midtown East

Bounded by 59th Street in the north to 42nd Street in the south, and running from 5th Avenue in the west to the East River, Midtown East bustles with residential possibilities. Because Midtown is primarily a business and commercial district, living in one of its beautiful high-rise residences offers the possibility of walking to work. However, the neighborhood is accessible by all branches of New York City Transit and offers the best shopping in the city along 5th Avenue. Grand Central Station links New York to the northern suburbs and Connecticut via the Metro-North railroad.

Midtown West

Midtown West is bordered in the north by 59th Street and 42nd Street in the south, and then it stretches from 5th Avenue in the east to the Hudson River in the west. In addition to being situated within walking distance of midtown's enormous business district, this area boasts some of the best-known attractions, including boisterous Times Square and Broadway's magical theaters. Times Square also links Midtown west to every other neighborhood in the city via its gigantic subway station that houses virtually every line in the New York subway system. In addition, you can travel almost anywhere in the country by jumping on a bus at the Port Authority bus terminal at 8th Avenue and 42nd street.

Upper West Side

From 103rd Street in the north to 59th Street in the south, the Upper West Side is enclosed by Central Park West and the Hudson River. Easy subway access makes getting to work a breeze in this neighborhood, and an abundance of large-sized, pre-war apartments in stately buildings makes living here very desirable. An urban neighborhood-like feel pervades the area, and as home to Lincoln Center and dozens of excellent movie theaters, there is no shortage of cultural fuel. Quiet, tree-lined side streets are flanked by gorgeous brownstones, and with Central Park only a few minutes' walk away, living on the Upper West Side is simply spectacular.

Upper East Side

The Upper East Side is bordered by 96th Street in the north, 59th Street in the south, 5th Avenue in the west and the East River to the east. The area has long been known as a focal point of cultural sophistication, featuring a wide variety of museums, specialty shops, classy restaurants, and luxury residences. The Lexington Avenue subway line makes commuting to work easy, and on weekends, the area abounds with some of the best-dressed, most refined people on earth. Madison Avenue is the capital of the advertising world, and with Central Park right along 5th Avenue, home to the Guggenheim Museum, the Jewish Museum, and the Frick Collection, there is no question that the Upper East Side has it all.

Murray Hill

Murray Hill is located between 29th and 42nd Streets on the east side, between 5th Avenue and the East River. Murray Hill's strength lies in the residential life that it offers, as well as easy accessibility to Midtown, the Financial District, and the cultural excitement of the Village. What's more, dozens of quaint restaurants and shops have their homes in Murray Hill. Grand Central Station is right around the corner, making long-range trips or a transfer to a subway train to any destination in the city no problem at all. Comfort and convenience are Murray Hill's strongest points.


Chelsea is located in western Manhattan, between 6th Avenue and the Hudson River. It is bordered in the north by 23rd Street and in the south by 14th Street. The neighborhood has access to a large number of transit lines offering connections to Midtown and downtown, so the commute to work takes only minutes. Chelsea also features the best in both loft and apartment living in a very upbeat, exciting atmosphere. Everyone—from artists to professionals—makes their home in Chelsea; and when they're not working, they're enjoying some of the best food, entertainment, and nightlife in town.

Gramercy Park/Union Square

These small, exclusive, and very refined neighborhoods are located between 23rd Street in the north and 14th Street in the south. They're bordered in the west by busy Broadway, and in the east by 3rd Avenue. Seven subway lines stop at the booming Union Square station, which makes a commute to anywhere in the city an easy affair. Union Square Park is a whirlwind of activity all year round, with NYU students and area residents enjoying not only its greenery and nearby shopping, but also impromptu events that will be sure to draw your interest. Gramercy Park is a highly desirable residential enclave just north and east of Union Square, boasting some of the finest townhouses and pre-war apartments in the city. The Park itself is one of the most charming in Manhattan, although access to it is restricted to residents with a key. Whether you choose Union Square or Gramercy, the possibilities for comfortable and exciting city life with all the trimmings will be at your fingertips.

Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village is actually two neighborhoods, both of which share common borders at 14th Street in the north and Houston Street in the south. Broadway divides the area into its eastern and western halves. Both have superb transit connections, particularly to the downtown Financial District, so the daily commute to work is scarcely a problem. In addition, the Village's cultural attractions are world-famous, since the area has long sheltered some of America's best artists, writers, and cultural personalities. The Village's charm is unmatched, with gorgeous 19th-century brownstones coexisting with luxury high-rises along tree-lined, majestic side streets. While the West Village has a reputation for quiet sophistication and gentle charm, the East Village is the most raucous of the pair. Although the East Village offers a staggering variety of residential possibilities, it also features some of the finest underground art scenes in the country, not to mention a bevy of unique restaurants and nightclubs. However, regardless of whether you decide on East or West, the Village is tough to match when it comes to New York living.


These two neighborhoods are bordered by Houston Street in the north, Worth Street in the south, Lafayette Street in the east, and the Hudson River in the West. Both are within walking distance of the downtown Financial District and offer excellent subway connections to other points throughout the city. Large loft spaces and beautiful iron-architecture apartment buildings make living in Soho and Tribeca extremely attractive. Soho is one of the hippest areas in town, featuring designer clothing stores side-by-side with prestigious art galleries and small museums. Tribeca is home to some of the city's most sought-after restaurants, as well as a thriving independent film scene that's guaranteed to impress.

Battery Park City

Occupying a small corner along southern Manhattan bounded by Chambers Street in the north, Battery Park in the south, Broadway in the east, and the Hudson River in the West, Battery Park City boasts the best of downtown living. With its lofty high-rises and spacious apartments, comfort is key in this neighborhood. It is also extremely convenient, since some of the city's biggest businesses are only a stone's throw from most of the area's residences. Add to this a wide array of shops, restaurants, markets, and transit connections, and you have what Battery Park City is: a great place to call home.

Wall Street/Financial District

The Wall Street/Financial District has borders at Fulton Street in the north, Battery Park in the South, Broadway in the west and the East River in the East. Walking to work is self-explanatory in this neighborhood, since the biggest names in business and finance—including the New York Stock Exchange—are literally steps from your door. In addition, the area sports spectacular pre-war luxury buildings converted from former commercial spaces. In short, the apartments are immense, and the amenities are extraordinary. If you need to get somewhere else in the city, every train in the system stops here, and there is no shortage of markets, restaurants, and shops. Living in the Financial District has never been a better choice when it comes to comfort, style, and grace.

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