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This intent of this letter is to communicate the immense gratitude my family has for Steve's support throughout our move to New York. We are extremely excited about the adventure ahead, and without Steve's continued guidance, customer-focus and persistence, I have no doubt that everything would be that little more daunting.

From day one of meeting Steve, it was clear he was the right person for the job of finding myself, wife and nine month old daughter somewhere to live. We had no idea of what we were getting ourselves into when it comes to finding accommodation in Manhattan, and very quickly appreciated how much value Steve brings to the table. He listened carefully to our needs and wants, and within no time had a full day organized to see more than ten different properties in suitable Manhattan neighborhoods.

Finding a place was only part of the journey, as being Australians without credit history presents its own challenges. This itself was particularly stressful, and not only did Steve prove the best counsel possible but he also ensured we ended up in the best position possible to secure an apartment, while at the same time ensuring we were not making emotionally-charged decisions.

Steve's guidance and support have been invaluable to this exciting but challenging move, and we could not think of anyone better placed to help anyone relocating to the New York and surrounds area. Not only is he amazing at his job, but he is a great person who truly understands the needs of his clients.

If I can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me directly. Working with Steve is an absolute pleasure and it would be a privilege to assist in any way possible.

Director Global Medical Affairs Rheumatology, Inflammation & Immunology Celgene Inc.

This letter serves as a recommendation for Steven Gershman, of SNG Corporate Relocation Services.

Earlier this year, with my company’s notification about the relocation of North American Business Unit, I had to undertake the project of personal relocation from Miami, FL to NYC in which Steven has played a critical role.

Being unfamiliar with NYC, I applied for assistance to the company that was handling the relocation process for the company (Cornerstone International) and received Steven’s name as a leading expert in corporate relocations.

I was facing at that moment limited time windows for travel and immediately upon contacting Steven the first time, he understood the situation and suggested to accommodate as much as possible during my upcoming visit to NYC for a business event.

Having heard much about the notorious NYC commute, by that time I had a general idea of living a walking distance from the office located in Midtown Manhattan and conveyed that to Steven. Without any argument, he accepted the idea but recommended to leave the door open for other options having mentioned that he would structure the area visit accordingly.

The area visit was amazing in its efficiency. Within the first half of the day, we saw three apartments (Steven had scheduled four, but one had been rented out the same morning) where I got an excellent idea about the options in Midtown available within a walking distance from the office. That convinced me that a short commute may not be a bad idea after all which is when we proceeded to see a few options in Upper East Side. That’s when I fully realized Steven’s wisdom to structure the visit this way. The options we saw in the afternoon were incomparably better for the same level of budget and having seen four apartments around Yorkville, I had selected two that fully met all the criteria. We sat down for a quick late lunch and a recap which is when with Steven’s help, I went through all the considerations again one by one and made the decision on the same very day. That allowed to communicate it to the property management enough time in advance and have the unit completely renovated by the time I moved in. Apart from being efficient, the tour was also very enjoyable since Steven provided a lot of information on the daily life in NYC.

Three weeks after, I’m enjoying every moment in my new home (the commute takes about 20 min door-to-door since there are two subway stations within a couple of minutes’ walk) and happy with the way Steven quickly and efficiently has led me to the right choice.
Beyond knowing the aspects and particularities of NYC real estate, Steven understands what the best scenario for the client would be and directs the process accordingly. That makes him not only a true professional but also someone whose company you would enjoy a lot amid the stress of a relocation process!


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