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New York Relocation Requirements

Moving to a new city takes a lot of planning. You can depend on us to help you through the process by providing a comprehensive list of New York relocation requirements.


Renting a Home in New York

The idea of moving to New York may seem scary at first, but with the right broker, it can actually be fun. Knowing in advance what you will need can make your search for a New York apartment much easier. Please note that for practical purposes, the requirements described here are general prerequisites to successfully rent an apartment in New York City. Before beginning your search, make sure you have the following information:

A letter from your employer verifying your current salary and any bonuses you may be eligible to receive.

It should list—on company letterhead—your position, salary, and length of employment.

Your financial information, including:

  • Names, phone numbers, and addresses of previous landlords
  • Contact information about your accountant, if you have one
  • Tax returns and recent pay stubs
  • Certified information establishing any other sources of income
  • Certified funds necessary for rent and security

Application Requirements

The application must be submitted along with the processing fee. There are different processing fees depending on what type of information the landlord requires. Your income should be 40-50 times the monthly rent. References are required from both current and previous landlords. If you're self-employed, a CPA letter on CPA letterhead is required. And, sometimes, the most recent tax returns may be required as well. You should also have the availability to secure certified checks for rent, security, and the broker's fee.


If an applicant does not meet the above requirements for income, usually a New York State guarantor is required. However, some landlords take guarantors from all over the country. The guarantor's income should be 80-100 times the monthly rent. The guarantor must also fill out an application and submit the same processing fees as stated above. The guarantor must also submit a letter of employment on company letterhead stating position, salary, length of employment, and Social Security number. If self-employed, the guarantor must submit a CPA letter on CPA letterhead. Sometimes, the most recent tax returns may be required as well.